Be Hair Now is a unique, vintage inspired Salon located in down town Ypsilanti,  36 N. Huron St.  I offer consultations, hair cutting, colour, and hair treatments.   My desire is to bring to you a sense of well being,  creativity to your look, a refresh, and maybe some inspiration for both of us.  

In tandem with Be Hair Now, in the same magical space, will be EvenStar*s Chalice; a Gallery/boutique inspire and dedicated to the the 'Divine Feminine'.  (OH my, what does that mean?)  For me, it means that we are honoring and celebrating the gifts, and the spirit that come from Love, nurturance, beauty, and Creation.  It is with these ideas and feelings, that there needs to be more of these qualities in the world.  I am of the heart that we need more empowerment of the Feminine energy, Love and nurturing, that seeks to balance and compliment the yang energy of the Sacred Male, Love and action.  ( Fear not our little bit of 'Woo Woo". We are all about love and kindness)


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Jeanne Adwani: 734-320-3973